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An exhaustive collection of quotes listed by Authors.

【Powerful】 Quotes From Multiple Authors – W

It is a sore point, because you do have advantages if you have access to more than one language. You also have problems, because on bad days you don’t trust yourself, either in your first or your second language, and so you feel like a complete halfwit. — W. G. Sebald

【Powerful】 Quotes From Multiple Authors – U

And just when we were at the end of our design process there was the news that the Italian government and the U.S. government had signed an agreement to fly the first Italian astronaut on that flight. — Umberto Guidoni

【Powerful】 Quotes From Multiple Authors – T

I don’t remember ever deciding to become a performer. I just always was. I began performing by mimicking the performers on the new television that first took the attention away from me as the baby of the household. I continued performing to put a smile on my grandmother’s face and always considered her when accepting or declining roles. — T’Keyah Crystal Keymah